Spider-Man: Homecoming NEW TRAILER

In our superhero saturated culture it seems almost impossible to get excited about another Marvel movie– especially when it comes to a cinematically overdone character like Spider-Man. But, with the release of Marvel’s newest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, there seems to be a ray of hope. This trailer has many people reminiscent of th exhilaration they felt when they saw the first Avengers or Iron Man trailors. Could Spider-Man: Homecoming be what the waning MCU needs to get back on top? Will Tom Holland be able resurrect the Spider-Man brand? You be the judge!

Click below to watch Marvel’s new trailor for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Let us know your thoughts and comments below and be sure to snag a copy of my new book “Prince Charmig for Hire” in Print or Ebook format.


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