7 Best St. Patrick’s Day Memes on the Internet– #5 has to be my favorite!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Fun fact, I didn’t know til this morning that I didn’t own any green clothing. It gave me a heart attack until I remembered that I’m not in elementry school anymore 😀

Anywho, here are the 7 Best St. Patrick’s Day Memes on the Internet… or at least the ones I could find!


1.I mean, yeah we all have pretty diverse backgrounds, but we can’t all be Irish enough to merit a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt…



2. There are some benefits to being the designated driver 😉

download (1)


3. This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while!



4. Aside from everyone being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone also seems to be an alcoholic…

images (1)


5. This is just perfect…



6. Bahaha!



7. Don’t you do it!



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